Past Investigations


1. 26th May                   RAF West Malling, Kent

2. 17th June                  Theatre Royal, Margate



3. 22nd October              Rauceby Asylum, Lincs 

4. 4th November             USAAF Rougham, Bury St.Edmunds

5.  26th November          Crowland Abbey, Crowland 



6. 14th January                Spooky Hill, Warboys 

7. 28th January                Nunn's Bridge, Huntingdon 

8. 18th February               Dog in a Doublet, Thorney 

9. 4th March                     Kimbolton Castle, Huntingdon

10. 12th March                 The Anchor, Whittlesea 

11. 17th March                 The Ferryboat Inn, Holywell

12. 14th April                   The Village Inn, Witchford 

13. 27th April                   Burgh Castle 

14. 5th May                      Private Investigation 

15. 12th May                    Fort Horstead 

16. 16th June                   Grange Barn

17. 23rd June                   Return to USSAF Rougham

18. 6th July                      Private Investigation 

19. 7th July                      The Cross Keys, Chatteris 

20. 14th July                    Redoubt Fort, Harwich

21. 28th July                    Ely Museum, Cambs 

22. 4th August                 The Cage Witches Prison, St. Osyeth 

23. 12th August                Crowland Abbey & Crowland Abbey Hotel 

24. 19th August                Zack FM Interview & Ghost Hunt 

25. 22nd September          Kelvedon Hatch Secret Neuclear Bunker

26. 7th October                 Castle Acre, Swaffam

27. 12th September           Colchester Castle 

28. 17th November            Denver Windmill, Denver 

29. 9th December              Graveyard, Wisbech 



30.  12th January              TheCastle Hotel,Downham Mkt 

31.  22nd February            The Globe, Wisbech 

32.  9th March                   Private Investigation 

33.  15th March                 The Wisbech Institute, Wisbech 

34.  6th April                      USAAF Rougham, Bury St. Edmunds  

35.  19th April                    Private Investigation 

36.  3rd May                       Hylands House with Essex Ghost Hunting Team

37.  5th May                       Private Investigation 

38.  11th May                     The Maltings, Ely 

39.  22nd June                    Gordon Boswell Romany Museum, Spalding 

40.  30th June                     The Woodman's Cottage, Gorefield 

41.  19th July                      Weeting Castle & Warren Lodge, Thetford 

42.  18th August                 Royston Cave, Royston, Herts 

43.  24th August                 Castle Acre, Swaffam 

44.  13th September           Castle Rising, Nr Kings Lynn 

45.  25th October                Galleries of Justice (With Past Hauntings)

46.  11th October                Castle Acre

47.  14th October                The Woodman's Cottage

48.  26th October                Brands Hatch, Kent

49.  27th October                Interview & Investigation at Zack FM

50.  1st November               The Romany Museum

51.  14th December             The London Tombs 

52.  18th December             Pricate Investigation, E. London



53. 25th January                 The Albatross. Wells-Next-To-The-Sea  

54. 1st February                  Rauceby Asylum,Lincs

55. 7th February                 The Tudor Rose, Kings Lynn 

56. 1st March                      The Romany Museum

57. 15th March                    The Old School. Swaffam 

58. 26th April                      Redoubt Fort, Harwich 

59. 11th July                       Wicken Fen - The hunt for the Black Shuck

60. 25th July                       USAAF Rougham

61. 16th August                  The Sandboy, Bawsey Kings Lynn

62. 22nd August                  USAAF Rougham with Essex Ghost Hunting Team

63. 23rd August                   Private Investigation, Wisbech

64. 13th September             The Galleries of Justice with Past Hauntings in aid of Paracon UK

65. 26th September             Gresley Hall, Derbyshire with Past Hauntings

66. 5th October                    Stonea Camp, March Cambs

67. 10th October                  The Dog in a Doublet Pub, Peterborough - In aid of Paracon Charities

68. 19th October                  Zack FM (with S.P.I)

69. 31st October                   USAAF Ridgewell, Essex with Essex Ghost Hunting Team

70. 1st November                 Weeting Castle, Thetford.

71. 8th November                 Fenland Aviation Museum

72. 15th November               Private Investigation, Outwell, Wisbech

73. 6th December                 Private Party at Castle Rising



 74. 17th January                 The Viaduct Tavern, London

 75. 28th February                The Albatross Sea Clipper (The Return), Wells-Next-To-The-Sea    

 76. 14th March                    The Galleries of Justice, Nottingham

 77. 22nd March                    The Tower of London

78. 4th April                          USAAF Rougham, Bury St. Edmunds

79. 25th April                        Castle Rising, Nr Kings Lynn, Norfolk

80.  9th May                          Wisbech Castle, Wisbech, Cambs

81. 13th June                       Derby Gaol & Vernongate Prison, Derby

82. 18th July                        Redoubt Fort, Harwich

83. 15th August                   Anchor Church Caves, Derbyshire

84. 29th August                   Temple Lodge, Hull

85. 2nd October                    Private Violent Haunting Investigation

86. 24th October                  Cotnor Castle & Farmhouse, Nottinghamshire

87. 31st October                  Tutbury Castle, Derbyshire

88. 14th November             USAAF Rougham, Bury St. Edmunds

89. 11th December             The Tudor Hotel, Kings Lynn  




90. 14th January               Private Investigation #1, March, Cambs

91. 14th January               Private Investigation #2, March, Cambs  

92. 21st January               Private Investigation #3, March, Cambs

93. 23rd January              Private Investigation #4, Ravenshead, Nottingham

94. 30th January              Private Investigation #5, Kings Lynn, Norfolk

95. 6th February               Galleries of Justice, Nottingham

96. 5th March                    Guset Speaker for Paracon Holland, Breda

97. 5th March                    Cressing Temple Barns, Cressing, Essex

98. 26th March                  Codnor Castle, Codnor, Derbyshire       















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